Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

2 - 5 Meetings

Can it help me?

Family mediation can assist all kinds of families - married and unmarried, young and old, whether or not you have children. We can help you decide if mediation suits you and your circumstances at our free Assessment meeting.

What can we discuss in mediation?

You can discuss any issues you wish.

Common topics include:

       future arrangements for any children,

       finances, including the family home and other capital,

       parenting arrangements.

Is it legally binding?

At the end of mediation you may have a parenting agreement, an Open Financial Statement and/or a Memorandum of Understanding. These can be taken to your solicitor to be made into a final legally binding agreement. 

What about my own solicitor?

Mediation works best when it is supported by you obtaining your own legal advice, we do not provide legal advice although we can give helpful guidance. Mediators encourage clients to consult their own solicitors and will sometimes identify questions for you to ask your Solicitor between mediation sessions.

Can I trust my former partner?

We ask both of you to complete an extensive financial questionnaire, which follows the format of the financial questionnaire used in court proceedings.

If necessary, up-to-date valuations are obtained of any property, pension, insurance policies and other assets. 

What if there has been domestic violence?

Firstly, it is essential to make sure that all those in the mediation process are safe. If it cannot take place safely then mediation will not take place at all . It is important that you feel secure during mediation.

For mediation to be successful you should never feel under any form of pressure. You can discuss any concerns in confidence with the mediator at any time.   

In some cases, however, violence can be viewed as an isolated outcome of tension which is unlikely to recur once circumstances are improved. In these cases, mediation can further reduce tension and improve communication.

a final word…

You will both have an opportunity to express your issues and concerns in a safe environment.  We have a very good success rate at NDFMS, if we cannot reach full agreement on every aspect often we can narrow the issues and provide a viable alternative to court and lengthy litigation.