The WORTH IT Project

North Devon Family Mediation Service and North Devon College have been running a project in North Devon for just about a year.

The project is called ‘WORTH IT’, which stands for Working on Relationships that Hurt in Teenagers.

Topics that we address include:

  • Young People’s Rights,
  • Healthy Relationships (of all types),
  • Stereotypes and how they affect us
  • Differences between assertive and aggressive.

This course is currently delivered over four weeks to Year 9 pupils in 3 secondary schools (Braunton, Pilton and Park Schools) by North Devon College peers (typically 17 to 18 year olds).

Feedback from the course has been very positive and statistics show a definite increase in the number of pupils who will think more about the behaviour that they, their friends and their peers exhibit.

WORTH IT complements the Every Child Matters framework in particular the three outcomes: Stay Safe, Be Healthy and Make a Positive Contribution.