To see if you are eligible for free mediation check the chart below. 

You may be eligible for free mediation under our contract with the Legal Services Commission.   If so your sessions will be completely free.

The first meeting is free to everyone, eligible or not, it can help you decide whether mediation is suitable for you and your situation.

If you are not eligible there are two ways to pay:

Pay as You Go

Child Only Issues:                                         £60 per hour per person

Property and Finance Issues only:               £110 per hour per person

All Issues (property, finance, children):        £110 per hour per person

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU):       £110 per person



Fixed Packages - to be used within 6 months

Child Only Issues:            

£140 per person (up to 3 hours mediation)

Property and Finance:     

£505 per person (up to 6 hours mediation including final documents)

All Issues:      

£505 per person (up to 6 hours mediation including final documents) 

Please note that we only charge for 'face-to-face' time and not for any paperwork that is completed subsequent to any meeting. 

Working out if you are entitled to mediation with fees paid by the Legal Services Commission

Chart to determine eligibility for free legal funding



Tax and national insurance   actual amount paid
Allowance for employment expenses,
eg travel to work
Maintenance payments
(could include payment of household bills or mortgage)
  actual amount paid
Childcare costs because of work   actual amount paid
Dependents living in same household partner
dependent child
£228.52 for each child
Housing cost
Mortgage payments or rent
on current main residence



actual amount paid (capped at £545 if no dependents)











We can assess whether you are eligible at your initial appointment and if you wish to have us make the assessment you should bring with you evidence of your last months income and payments made in connection with the allowances listed above.

The evidence should be in the form of benefit books or letters, payslips, bank statements, rent books, bills or receipts.

If you are living with a new partner, their income will also be taken into account