Case Studies in Mediation

Case 1 - Child Issues

A couple who had separated came to us to make contact arrangements for  their children. Contact was established when they separated but had broken down due to some arguments that occurred during handovers.

Mediation allowed them to discuss how handovers could occur. Both parties agreed that contact should continue. They arranged to use  a third party (in this case a grandmother) to manage the handover (collect and return the children to their home).  Contact was resumed on a weekly basis and overnight contacts were also arranged. 

As previous agreements had broken down they agreed to try the new arrangement for 3 months to see if it worked. 

The couple returned to mediation after 3 months for a review meeting. The contact was working well and the couple could talk to each other about longer term contact agreements. 

Successful long term contact arrangements were agreed in just two sessions of mediation. 


Case 2 - All Issues

A couple who had separated following a long relationship came to mediation. They wished to make arrangements for division of their property and assets, for residence of their children and for continuing maintenance and child support.

Mediation allowed the couple to discuss and consider many options and possible ways forward.  They arranged to divide the assets they shared, which ensured living standards for the children would be maintained and would leave both parties in a fair financial situation.

This mediation considered many financial aspects including:



   charges on property,

   whether child support was paid through CMOptions or directly

   how to reduce living costs so that neither was financially  disadvantaged.

They also considered what would happen should either party remarry or their situations change.

Full agreement was reached in 5 sessions of mediation

The couple took the agreement and were able to separate without spending huge amounts of money, which meant that the family had more to share.  The couple said that their communication had significantly improved, they hoped to be able to solve any future issues on their own.